The Gene Conditioning Shoppe in SanSan is known for having all sorts of g-mods available, even unreleased ones.

G-mod is slang for either:

  • a human being that has been, at any point in their lifespan, genetically modified (not to be confused with clones); modifications can range from increased strength or mental prowess to changes in physical appearance.
  • products that modify genes

Cosmetic Shaping Edit

Cosmetic shaping is a form of gene-mod therapy that involves a series of DNA infusions to alter the appearance of an individual.

Examples of procedures:

  • DNA masks: restructures the facebones and skin in order to resemble another person. A series of DNA infusions beneath the skin of the face, using nanobot transport to saturate cells inside the face with DNA from the person the patient wishes to impersonate.
  • Height modifications
  • Hair and eye modifications
  • Beast mods: popular with the younger generation, these procedures make patients looks like werewolves, vampires, aliens, dinosaurs, and more by modifying many things such as skin, hair, teeth, eyes, etc.

Quotes Edit

These g-mods haven't hit the consumer market yet, but I can hook you up. - overheard at the Gene Conditioning Shoppe in SanSan

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