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The Gene Conditioning Shoppe in SanSan is known for having all sorts of g-mods available, even unreleased ones.

G-mod is slang for either:

  • a human being that has been, at any point in their lifespan, genetically modified (not to be confused with clones); modifications can range from increased strength or mental prowess to changes in physical appearance.
  • products that modify genes

Cosmetic Shaping[]

Cosmetic shaping is a form of gene-mod therapy that involves a series of DNA infusions to alter the appearance of an individual.

Examples of procedures:

  • DNA masks: restructures the facebones and skin in order to resemble another person. A series of DNA infusions beneath the skin of the face, using nanobot transport to saturate cells inside the face with DNA from the person the patient wishes to impersonate.
  • Height modifications
  • Hair and eye modifications
  • Beast mods: popular with the younger generation, these procedures make patients looks like werewolves, vampires, aliens, dinosaurs, and more by modifying many things such as skin, hair, teeth, eyes, etc.


These g-mods haven't hit the consumer market yet, but I can hook you up. - overheard at the Gene Conditioning Shoppe in SanSan