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Freetown Fright is one of six cases that can be investigated in the board game Android and also forms the background of the novel Golem .

The victim is a respectable miner called James Standish, and he was killed by a mining laser in the mining community of Freetown. This destablizes the fragile peace on the moon, and threatens to bring back the bad old days of the Lunar Riots. Suspicion therefore is placed on Martian insurgent Dejah Thoris and mining clone Mark Henry. Investigations among the miners provide the most useful leads, and friends both among the poor workers and the rich owners become more important. The gap between rich and poor becomes a further flashpoint during this case when news is leaked of a new G-mod that adds fifty years of life being held back for extra testing, but available to those who can pay to get around such things. Protesters fill the streets calling for it to be freely available.

Jinteki uses its influence to support Mark Henry, fearing bad publicity if a clone is convicted of murder. Meanwhile, when news of Dejah Thoris being questioned reaches the Martian immigrants on the beanstalk, they shut down its operations in protest.


"Talk to the miners. One of them is bound to have seen something."