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Floyd 2X3A7C
Vital statistics
Species Bioroid
Gender Male
Age/age range Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Modification Type Unknown
Affiliation NAPD
Position Detective

"It would be nice to be the cold, emotionless machine that I have been accused of being." - Floyd 2X3A7C

Floyd 2X3A7C is a bioroid created by Haas-Bioroid and lent out to the NAPD as part of a pilot program that aims to determine if androids can make good law enforcement agents (Caprice Nisei is Jinteki's contribution to this program). After proving himself quite capable, a second bioroid was lent out to the NAPD: Drake 3GI2RC[1].

Floyd must operate within the bounds of his programming, but he is deeply interested in humanity and attempts to become more human-like. This brings him into conflict with both his creator, Director Haas, and his programming directives. Director Haas has a personal relationship with Floyd, overseeing his development and expecting him to protect and promote her company. After he embarrassed her at an important board meeting, the relationship between the two has become quite chilly. When Thomas Haas was implicated in several crimes, the two came into direct conflict. Forced to chose between two imperatives, Floyd's mind began to rebel.

During his employment with the New Angeles Police Department, Floyd received repairs from their staff as well as the laboratories of Haas-Bioroid. In particular, Floyd formed a friendship with a technician called Simmons. Floyd's only other friend isFather Michael, a Catholic priest at St Theresa's, who aids Floyd in his philosophical quest. When Father Michael was kidnapped by crazed Humanity First activists (who condemned the priest's work with the Civic Brigade), Floyd was forced to decide if he could take a human life. The fact that he could make this decision certainly suggests Floyd is more sapient than most would like to believe.