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Evil at the Estates is one of the crimes that can be investigated in the board game Android.

The victim is a Mr William Brown at the Rockvil Estates.  The killing was extremely violent and likely personal.

During this investigation Noise travels to Olivaw Robotics to launch a virus designed to wipe police records and Cardinal Reese puts enormous pressure on the agents of theNAPD to protect Eve 5VA3TC. At the same time, the US Congress votes down a new tax on android licenses, which would have provided the funding for a massive bill to support the unemployed. The anger of the masses of unemployed in New Angeles led to riots and street violence, and much of the seedy side of the city was engulfed in flames.


"We're not certain yet how he was killed, but forensics had to scrape him up with a shovel."

"Tensions are boiling over, and half the city is on fire."