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Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills is an important Weyland Consortium executive responsible for the corp's construction projects within New Angeles and possibly beyond. Among other things, she uses her influence to redevelop areas where runners or their allies are based. Furthermore she is involved in Weyland's "scorched earth" policy, in which the Consortium's own buildings are destroyed in order to harm a nearby runner.

She is depicted on the Netrunner cards Scorched Earth and Public Support, in addition to having her own card.


"I'd like to remind the ladies and gentlemen of the press that several of the buildings damaged in the blast were owned by Weyland Consortium subsidiaries..." 

"It's not personal. Urban renewal is a necessity of the modern world. It's always someone's home, yours is no different."

“We’re raising state-of-the-art facilities in close proximity to cozy residential neighborhoods, fantastic ethnic cuisine, and convenient mass transit. This renovation is going to bring high-end jobs, as well as highly skilled workers, and it’s going to improve our quality of life in this city.”

"It is only by taking advantage of our natural resources that humankind can achieve its true potential."