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Eliza's Toybox
Geographical Information
Planet/Moon Luna
Continent N/A
Country N/A
City Heinlein
Main Haas-Bioroid
Secondary Unknown

"Your most exciting erotic fantasies brought to vivid life. A tantalizing dream given form, warmth, and a burning desire for you." - Various pleasure bioroids at Eliza's Toybox.[1]

Eliza's Toybox is an upmarket bioroid rental facility located in Heinlein that is owned an operated by Eliza Manchester. It specializes in sex bioroids (also known as gynoids), and has an on-location brothel. People of all spheres visit and it is known as a good place to mingle and trade favours.

It is implied that Haas-Bioroid has the sole contract to supply Eliza's Toybox with pleasure bioroids.[1]


The front of Eliza’s Toybox encompasses an enormous display area, with sultry lighting, sexy music, and larger-than-life holographic displays—women, mostly, in various stages of undress, performing in alcoves alone and in groups, and a few well-oiled and sculpted male bodies as well.

The back contains additional sales floors for less sexual oriented rentals, such as maintenance/housekeeping/companion bioroids.

Further in the back is a comfortable lounge with sunken-pit seating around moon glass tables and atmospheric lighting and music. Tea is often served there by authentic-looking Japanese geisha bioroids.

Products and services[]

An on-location brothel allows clients to enjoy pleasure bioroids.

Customers can also rent non-sexual bioroids, such as:

  • maids and butlers in traditional dress
  • personal companions
  • nannies

There is also a kennel where one can rent various animals, such as:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • tribbles
  • hamsters
  • snakes
  • unicorns
  • sheep