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When we look at the angry man that is Edward Kim, we understand that he’s haunted by some past misfortune. For one, he’s missing a hand. We can see this, just as we can see that he hasn’t had it replaced with a cybernetic. Second, we know he lost someone – a woman or a girl – and, more than the loss of his hand, it seems that this is the loss that has truly forged him into a seething, muscular force for vengeance.

Kim’s runs aren’t for play, and they aren’t about giving people second chances. So far as he’s concerned, he’s already lost. What was taken from him can never be replaced. Kim’s fury drives him toward retaliation. At the far end of every server he crashes, he sees the faceless masks of those bioroids who cost him the life and love he once held. Now, he strides powerfully through the streets, a snarl on his face, and on the net, he bares his fangs.


Edward Kim is a member of Human First, the radical anti-Bioroid and anti-Clone movement.


"My only regret is that androids cannot feel my hate."

"They showed me that I wasn't broken. That I was a whole human, no matter how many limbs I lose. The golems are our enemy, along with anyone who values efficiency and profit more than a human life."