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Cynthia Haas is the current chief executive of the Haas-Bioroid corporation. Director Haas' watchword is efficiency, and when she takes a personal interest in a project, her employees double their efforts to avoid her displeasure.

She is the mother of Thomas Haas, her only son.

She is depicted on the card named after her, as well as Director Haas's Personal Project in the Creation and Control expansion.



"Runners think their thefts are clever. They think they can beat us at 'our game.' Such thoughts are foolish. We are not playing games. We are engineering a more efficient humanity. We are running a multi-billion credit industry, and we will defend our assets accordingly."

"Why limit our best assets to our own servers? The enemy doesn't stay passively at home, waiting for us to come to him. Why should we?"

About Bifrost Array:  "'What does it do?' Whatever I bloody want it to do."


Although created before the existence of the TV show Archer, Director Haas has many parallels to the character Mallory Archer in said show. This is mostly obvious in her turbulent relationship with her son but when art was chosen for the character when her cards appeared in Android:Netrunner, the allusion was used as inspiration for her appearance. Archer is also referenced on the Archer ICE and some players consider both the mythological namesake and the emphasis on espionage of Argus Security to be a nod to the Isis Agency in Archer.