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CyberSolutions, Inc. is a company which manufactures memory chips, cybernetic implants and bioroids . It is not affiliated with the megacorporations. The Runner Kate "Mac" McCaffrey describes Cybersolutions as "a boring name for a company that makes pretty exciting products". She also describes their memory chips as having "some pretty tricky stuff going on inside".

At the time of the Infiltration boardgame, CyberSolutions is on the brink of a major breakthrough in bioroid manufacture. Their new prototype is said to be innovative enough to threaten Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki in their dominance of the synthetic labour market. While this breakthrough is underway, the mysterious Mr White organises a major heist against CyberSolutions.

CyberSolutions produces the E3 Feedback Implant, described on the associated Netrunner card as follows:

CyberSolutions' e3 line of implants trade strictly in muscle memory and automatic responses, freeing the brain to focus entirely on cerebral tasks.