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Chronos Project

The Chronos Protocol is a highly-controversial and viciously-guarded secret project in the area of brainmapping research. In simple terms, it is a breakthrough that allows existing brainmaps (or selected portions of one) to be applied to an already developed brain rather than into a unchanneled brain. The ability to apply memories, knowledge, and/or skills & talents to a normal human would represent a breakthrough in numerous aspects of science and economic utility. This technology was developed by Miriam Harding and Dr. Evelyn Ibarra of the co-founded Morph corporation, and later acquired by Jinteki in a fierce bidding war with Haas-Bioroid.

At the time of the current narrative, only one human trial has taken place; Miriam's brother Kelvin. Since the trial, Kelvin has aggressively pushed for human trials not to continue, and that further research be performed on clones only.

Other groups including Humanity Labor are also greatly concerned about the progress of this research, fearing that once reprogramming of human minds is feasible, that the process could be used nonconsensually to influence people, change public opinions against their will, turn innocent people into terrorists or assassins, and the line between man and machine will further blur (though transhumanists welcome this idea).