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Caprice Nisei

Caprice Nisei is a psychic clone created and owned by Jinteki and leased to the New Angeles Police Department. Caprice Nisei is a member of the Nisei line of clones, later developed into the Nisei Mk II line.

Caprice considers clones from the same family to be her "sisters". Her psychic abilities allow her to connect with them even though they currently exist in a "beta" state, still floating in their clone-vats. Caprice is a test model, and her performance for the NAPD will determine the future of those of her clone-family. Caprice's performance is thus closely tracked by Chairman Hiro, her creator, as well as Commissioner Dawn of the NAPD who is watching Caprice to determine if clones can make useful members of her department.

Caprice is an excellent investigator because of her incredible telepathic abilities. However, she is also erratic and unstable and psychiatric tests indicate her psychic powers may interfere with her sanity. In her time outside of Jinteki, she quickly became enamoured of a young man called Daniel, who attends Levy University. Caprice wears her hair long to hide her clone barcode, and initially hid her identity from her new attachment. When Daniel discovered her true identity, his life was endangered, as many in Jinteki believed him a threat to Caprice's performance, and thus Jinteki's bottom line.

They were right to be suspicious of Caprice; she is in consultation with lawyers working for the Liberty Society to acquire her freedom from Jinteki, and her establishment as a full citizen of New Angeles. Both Jinteki and Humanity First will do anything to stop this.

Caprice is one of the five playable characters in the Android boardgame.

Nisei can be translated as "second generation", a reference to perhaps Caprice being a new step in human evolution.


"Chairman not a nice man"

"If you hurt my sisters, you will regret it"

“They’re coming.”

"The corporations do what they do because they have the money and will to shape the future. Profiting from the advances they make is no crime. Who would seek to disrupt such a future?"