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Broadcast Square in Android:Netrunner

Some have said Broadcast Square is the heart of New Angeles, and perhaps, the epicentre of the solar system. Everything that happens on earth, the Beanstalk or the moon is replayed on the fifty-foot screens that extend around the ritzy location, upmarket square, broadcasting all day and all night. Watch it long enough, and you just might find out who pulls the strings behind it all. The feed hookup is excellent, and the square pumps out as much as it brings in. The advertising is constant, and it's all brought to you by NBN . Truly, in Broadcast Square, the world is yours!* 

Broadcast Square is a major location in the board game Android, and appears on the Android: Netrunner card Broadcast Square.

*Some restrictions may apply. Purchase necessary.


Tourists have flocked to Broadcast Square in even greater numbers ever since the notorious Ho-meh's crime spree ended there in a hail of flechettes. Well, that's how it happened in the sensie.