The Jinteki Biotech division is a major player in The Valley.

Biotech Valley, a.k.a. The Valley, is a region in SanSan heavily colored by genengineering, a highly educated workforce, tech startups, and capital investments.

Locations Edit

  • Gene Conditioning Shoppe

Jinteki Influence Edit

Biotech Valley is all about biotech, and there’s no bigger name in the field than Jinteki its Jinteki Biotech division.

Everything in The Valley is influenced in some measure by the corp’s work, and not even those runners who steal from Jinteki, seek to burn it down, or treat it as their playground find themselves immune to the allure of their work in genengineering.


People can visit the Gene Conditioning Shoppe in order to have the latest (or experiemental) g-mods applied.

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