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An Armitage employee performing her codebusting tasks.

“They say the rig makes the runner, but I don’t buy it. Still, when it’s my brain on the line, I’d much rather have a top-of-the-line Armitage CPU than some piece of junk that only processes at 87 zetas.”Ji “Noise” Reilly[1]

Armitage Software is a small company that designs both soft and hardware, including cybernetic devices. Their base of operations is in on the moon, but not within the primary colony of Heinlein. Their work is neither prestigious nor high-earning, and the company's headquarters is quite a seedy location. However, on the moon options are few, so Armitage is rarely without business. They keep their overheads down by hiring temps to do their grunt work, which is known by the slang term of "codebusting". It is also a place where individuals may purchase rigs and cyberware without too many questions asked, such as runners and bounty hunters like Rachel Beckmann.

Name Origin[]

The company's name possibly comes from one of these sources:

  • The name of a character in Wiliam Gibson's Neuromancer novel
  • The name of the titular character in the Armitage III anime