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A board game designed by Kevin Wilson and Dan Clark and published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Official Description[]

Android is a board game of murder and conspiracy set in a dystopian future. Detectives travel between the city of New Angeles and moon colony Heinlein chasing down leads, calling favors, and uncovering the sinister conspiracy beneath it all. The detectives must balance their pursuit of the murderer against their personal lives and inner demons.

Android's innovative mechanics ensure that no two detectives play alike. Will you play as Louis Blaine, the crooked cop tormented by guilt and loss? Or will you take the role of Caprice Nisei, the psychic clone who struggles to retain her sanity while proving she's just as human as anyone else?

Whomever you choose to play, you've got just two weeks to solve the murder, uncover the conspiracy, and face your personal demons. Better get moving, detective.

Android is a game for 3-5 players and takes between 2-4 hours to play.

Android includes:

  • 1 game board (with 1 attached puzzle piece)
  • Over 350 tokens
  • 18 sheets
  • Over 300 cards

Game Credits[]

  • Game Design: Kevin Wilson
  • World Design: Kevin Wilson and Daniel Lovat Clark 
  • Additional Game Design: Daniel Lovat Clark
  • Editing: Mark O’Connor and Jeff Tidball
  • Graphic Design: Andrew Navaro
  • Art Direction: Zoë Robinson
  • Cover Art: Didier Poli
  • Character Art: Julie Dillon
  • Map Art: Stefan Morrell
  • Vehicle Art: Aaron Panagos
  • Lead Playtester: Mike Zebrowski
  • Playtesters: William Baldwin, Jaffer Batica, Bob Bednar, Bryan Bornmueller, Lisa Bjornseth, Tony Doepner, Rob Fosnaugh, JR Godwin, John Goodenough, Michael Hurley, Rich Johnson, Matt Jones, Evan Kinne, Corey Konieczka, Rob Kouba, Gabriel Laulunen, Thyme Ludwig, Brian Modreski, Andrew Navaro, Eric Potter, Thaadd “the Destroyer” Powell, Casey Ryan, Morgan Stana, Jason Steinhurst, Jeremy Stomberg, Jeff Tidball, Pam VanMuijen, Tom Zebro, and Team XYZZY  
  • Production Managers: Rich Spicer and Gabe Laulunen 
  • Executive Developer: Jeff Tidball
  • Publisher: Christian T. Petersen

External Links[]

  • Official site
  • Unofficial rules for roleplaying in the Android universe using the Cortex RPG system can be found here.