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A monastic order with the Solar Catholic Church, the Albertian Order is not particularly noteworthy except for its specific mission and mandate. Similar to some monastic orders during the Dark Ages and Medieval periods, the Albertian Order's mission is to preserve human knowledge and craft. They are unparalleled archivists and curators of items and artifacts, many of which society deems as outdated or obsolete. They also specialize in skills no longer widely practiced by the population at large.

The Albertian Order maintains the largest library of print-paper books anywhere in the solar system. When others moved to digital copies, paper books became increasingly rare and harder to preserve. It can teach its members and anyone else who wishes to learn how to perform cursive handwriting and calligraphy, or how to calculate math problems without the use of a computer. The Order also has blueprints for and the means to build incandescent lights. Practicing the older crafts is a spiritual discipline to remind the monks that their purpose is to preserve the development of human knowledge. Ultimately, they hope their efforts will allow the continuity of development to be understood by future generations.

Seen as outwardly quaint, the Albertian Order maintains an extensive database and powerfully protected server. Their mandate is the collection of all human knowledge, and therefore their archivists also catalog and preserve digital data. Their skill with current technology is prodigious but intentionally downplayed.

The name is a reference to the "Albertian Order of Leibowitz" in the post-apocalyptic novel A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.