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Adam is a bioroid runner, described as a Compulsive Hacker. Adam was created at a Haas-Bioroid facility, but it is unknown who programmed him with the compulsion to be a netrunner. Adam himself considers it 88% likely that he was tampered with by someone outside Haas, though he admits the possibility that he was deliberately designed to be a hacker.



Adam possesses a version of the Three Directives possessed by all bioroids.

Adam's First Directive functions as normal, requiring him to prioritise the safety of human beings. His Second Directive compels Adam to complete his assigned task - in Adam's case, his task is to run corporate servers. His Third Directive has been radically altered - instead of reporting to Haas-Bioroid for maintenance, Adam is compelled to destroy any threat to his autonomy.

Adam is capable of overcoming the restrictions of his Directives, as demonstrated by the card Independent Thinking. His Directives can also be suppressed by his friend Dr Lovegood, an enigmatic engineer who helps maintain and repair Adam.

Linus 381FS4[]

When Adam hacks the Haas-Bioroid facility where he was brought online, he encounters a female voice that refers to him as Linus and mentions that his model number is 381FS4. The designation rings true to Adam, suggesting that this may be his original identity.