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Artificially intelligent programs - usually called AIs - are relatively common in the Android universe.

Although “weak” or applied AI systems have been used for years in devices such as secretary software agents, none of these devices approached true human intelligence, or “strong” AI, until the creation of bioroids. The key to strong AI proved to be brainmapping, a technology originally developed to diagnose and study brain disorders.

AI Rebellion[]

Emilio Harris, in his book Creators and the Created, addresses the issue of rogue AIs:

"'What causes an Artifical Intellegence to turn on its master? Is it because its directives have been altered by some external source? Or, by giving them agency to adapt, have we fated them to revolt?" 

This source, along with the mechanics of the Netrunner card The Helpful AI, suggests that corporate AIs rebel on occasion. Rogue AIs can become allies of convenience for Runners.

AI Icebreakers[]

Some of the icebreaker programs used by Runners to penetrate corporate Ice are artificially intelligent. They are the most versatile icebreakers, capable of penetrating any of the types of Ice.

AI Icebreakers include:

Alpha - Shaper AI which can only be deployed on the outermost piece of Ice protecting a server.

Atman - Shaper AI named after the Sanskrit word for "self" or "soul".

Aumakua - Criminal AI that takes the form of a turtle. In Hawaiian mythology, an 'Aumakua is an ancestral spirit that watches over their descendants.

Crypsis - AI virus. In ecology, crypsis refers to an organism's ability to remain undetected.

Darwin - Anarch AI virus, based on the principles of natural selection. Darwin's virtual avatar takes the appearance of a killer whale with paws.

Eater - Anarch AI. Eater is used on runs whose aim is to trash data rather than access it.

Knight - Anarch AI. One of Reina Roja's chess-themed Caïssa programs.

Omega - Shaper AI which can only be deployed on the outermost piece of Ice protecting a server.

Overmind - An AI which exploits the runner's spare Memory Units (MUs) to boost its processing power.

Wyrm -  Anarch AI taking the form of a dragon.